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Translators Codex

Job of the certified translator in the UK

  Certified translator in the UK deals with translation of any kind of the official and process documents from one language to another, authentication of the copies of foreign-language documents mentioned above and authentication of the documents prepared by someone else. Translator prepares as well such a documents as: diplomas, testimonials, any kind of certificates, acts and notarial agreements, power of attorneys, invoices, indexes and supplements, medical, banking and financial …Read More

Translators Job II

  In accordance with the article 13th of the appointed act certified translator is authorised to: Prepare and authenticate translations from foreign language to Polish language and from Polish Language to foreign language and also to check and authenticate translations already done by someone else. To prepare authenticated abridged copies of the papers in foreign language; to check and authenticate abridged copies of the papers in foreign language done by …Read More